Travel Tips – Bon Voyage

Free Travel TipsA well planned trip includes respecting health precautions and bringing the proper documents and using your credit card responsibly. A couple of months before your departure you should obtain medical advice from a travel clinic to protect your health. Some vaccinations and preventative medications can take a few months to become effective. Arrange to have health and travel insurance before your departure.For sunny hot destinations don’t forget the sunscreen and by having a light tan before arrival you won’t have to hide in the shade at all times with less chances of getting burned when exposing yourself to the sun. Beware of the hurricane season which extends from June to late November. Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean and the East coast of United States are most threatened.When possible place almost half of your clothes and accessories in your partners luggage. By splitting your belongings each greatly reduces the frustration and worry in case of lost suitcases. You should be able to function when arriving at your destination while they find your lost suitcase. Tag your luggage with the address of your destination and change the tag before the return flight. Using your work address reduces the chance of a home burglary. Some of your old clothes like socks and underwear that you have been waiting to discard could be worn on your trip and can be left behind. This gives you less clothes to wash on your return home and makes room for souvenirs without paying for overweight luggage.Your passport and those of your loved ones should be valid with special attention to the expiry date. Photocopies of your passport identification page should be kept separate from the originals. Reserve a small amount of U.S. currency in most cases for emergency funds. Set aside some money because in certain countries a departure tax or service fee can be imposed.

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